Investment Planning

Investment Planning

The needs of most investors, simply put, should be to protect and grow your capital, increase the income from that capital, and minimize your taxes. An advisor’s focus is to ensure you achieve what you deem to be important to your long-term well-being.

Discretionary Fee Based Accounts

We take the day-to-day worry out of investing by managing your capital on a discretionary basis. Many of our clients lead busy lives and are comforted knowing that we handle the investment decisions. In addition, Portfolio Managers may act as your proxy to hold private and alternative investments that are usually reserved for accredited clients (high net worth).  There are many other features and benefits applicable to managed accounts that make them the preferred choice for the vast majority of our clientele.


Traditional Retail Accounts

We offer both commission and fee based traditional investment accounts.  The determination of fee based or commission based depends on client preference and what is in the client’s best interest.  Clients however are required to approve all trading in these accounts.

Custom Investment Plans

As your advisor, we will prepare for you a comprehensive, individually tailored Investment Policy Statement (IPS) to establish a clear understanding between our advisors and you on effectively implementing and supervising a strategy for managing your investment assets. This IPS will provide support for you and our advisors to develop a well-conceived, long-term investment plan and a basis for making disciplined investment decisions over time.

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