Estate Planning and Risk Management

Estate Planning and Risk Management

Estate planning plays a very important role in most financial plans.  What happens to your assets and how will your loved ones be looked after when you die?  Having a proper estate plan in place can reduce taxes, reduce legal fees and expedite the difficult process of overseeing an estate.  We can help with legacy planning, trust planning, charitable giving, business transition planning. We will arrange a legal review at our office to ensure your will and powers of attorney are properly structured.

Premium Wills and Powers of Attorney

No plan is complete without ensuring your assets are distributed as you wish. You have access to the best legal minds in the community to be able to prepare the documents required to give you peace of mind.

Charitable Gifting

Is giving money to charities of importance to you? We can prepare proper plans for gifting cash, securities or insurance to ensure tax-efficient distribution of your gifts to worthy recipients.

Trust Planning

Deciding on how to leave a legacy to your heirs can be a difficult decision. We can work with you, a legal professional and tax specialist to ensure that a Trust Plan is in place to accommodate your important wishes.

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