Capital Wealth Partners was founded to offer a full suite of financial advice and services: Financial and Investment Planning; Retirement Planning; Estate Planning and In-House Tax Services.

Creating wealth involves a lot more than having the right investment mix.  Aside from selection and ongoing rebalancing and sector management, there are many facets of the planning process which matter.  Tax planning and the use of proven and effective strategies like spousal loans, tax shelters, the use of trusts as examples, estate planning and the use of insurance solutions, retirement planning, and projections are all important.  We provide written Financial PlansInvestment Policy Statements and of course a signed Letter of Engagement.  We provide the ongoing management and coaching month in and month out to ensure TFSA contributions, RRSP/RESP contributions are made, liaise with CRA on maximums allowed and communicate with you to ensure all avenues are tapped to help achieve your objectives.  Ongoing professional investment management and a focus on quality and proven securities along with a learned and experienced discipline not to allow emotion to corrode the framework for investment success are embedded in our philosophy.

Discretionary Fee Based Accounts

These popular Advisor Managed accounts allow a Portfolio Manager to make the investment trading decisions required to grow and preserve your wealth.  We take the day-to-day worry out of investing by managing your capital on a discretionary basis. Many of our clients lead busy lives and are comforted knowing that we handle the investment decisions. In addition, Portfolio Managers may act as your proxy to hold private and alternative investments that are usually reserved for accredited clients (high net worth).  There are many other features and benefits applicable to managed accounts that make them the preferred choice for the vast majority of our clientele.

Traditional Retail Accounts

We offer both commission and fee based traditional investment accounts.  The determination of fee based or commission based depends on client preference and what is in the client’s best interest.  Clients however are required to approve all trading in these accounts.

Financial Planning

At Capital Wealth Partners, we believe that financial planning is an ongoing process and that the financial plan that we provide is a living document that must be updated as time passes and a client’s situation changes.  A solid written financial plan acts as a roadmap and helps plan for retirement, major purchases, education and even helps to prepare and protect against unforeseen events.

Insurance Planning

We offer insurance planning and insurance solutions depending on the needs identified in your financial plan.  We pride ourselves on preparing our clients for the future but also want to make sure they are protected from unseen pitfalls like a sick loved one that could put their family’s financial health at risk.

Estate Planning

Estate planning plays a very important role in most financial plans.  What happens to your assets and how will your loved ones be looked after when you die?  Having a proper estate plan in place can reduce taxes, reduce legal fees and expedite the difficult process of overseeing an estate.  We can help with legacy planning, trust planning, charitable giving, business transition planning. We will arrange a legal review at our office to ensure your will and powers of attorney are properly structured.

Tax Preparation and Planning

We offer in-house tax preparation services to our clients.  By doing it in-house we are able to gather all the necessary data quickly and efficiently.  Proper tax planning allows you to retain more of your hard-earned income and is a cornerstone of our service platform. We consider tax planning concepts in all parts of a client’s plan.

Mortgage and debt financing consultation and referral services

Is the bank’s mortgage offer to you its best offer?  We can identify what rates are available and help you to secure lower rates.  In addition, we will look at debt swap opportunities to turn interest paid into a tax deduction.

We are aligned with Mandeville Insurance Services Inc. to offer financial products such as Life Insurance, Disability, Critical Illness and other related risk management products to help you establish a solid financial foundation for your future.