The Mandeville Difference

Wealth Preservation and Creation

At Mandeville, we are committed to the preservation of wealth for our clients. We understand that significant wealth is traditionally lost by future generations. Our Advisors are devoted to working with families to ensure successful intergenerational wealth preservation via due diligence and principled investing.

The Wealthy Invest Differently. At Mandeville, we understand this and have made it our mission to provide ACCESS to investment opportunities both within the public and private realm that are typically reserved for the affluent and institutional investor.

Our Strength and Global Reach

As a client of the Mandeville group of companies, you will have ACCESS to the benefits of our family office resources (via Portland Holdings Inc.’s conglomeration), which means you will have the unique opportunity to invest in the high-quality offerings alongside some of the world’s most successful institutions and affluent investors.

Private Investment Opportunities


The largest and most successful institutional investors in the world (i.e.: Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and the Yale Endowment Fund), as well as the world’s wealthiest families, create true lasting wealth by investing in a mix of both public and private investments.

Our goal is to democratize these private investment opportunities for wealth creation, and where appropriate, provide our clients with the same investment techniques used by ultra-high net worth and institutional investors.

We encourage our Advisors to independently seek the best and most suitable investment opportunities for their clients. We also provide them with ACCESS to high-quality investments that their clients won’t find anywhere else.

Personalized Care and Customized Solutions

Mandeville is committed to delivering the highest standard of excellence in personalized customer service. Mandeville Advisors take the time to learn about their clients' goals and aspirations and incorporate this knowledge into a customized wealth program that is aligned with the most successful private and institutional investors.

Independence and Excellence

What sets Mandeville apart from other advisors is its pursuit of excellence. Our advisors are independent professionals. This means they enjoy the freedom to recommend only those products and services which are best-suited for their clients. Clients of Mandeville advisors enjoy ACCESS to a distinctly unique lineup of private and alternative investment products.

Getting Started in 3 Steps


Contact us

The first step is to contact us to set up our initial Discovery Meeting.


Meet Our Team

Meet with our Branch Manager and team over a great cup of coffee in our Ottawa office to determine if we're a good fit.


Discuss Strategy

Once we understand your goals, we will meet to discuss your financial situation and possible strategies.

Start the conversation, book a consultation with our financial team!

When interest develops and we are approached by an advice-seeking individual, we never ever conduct business at the first meeting. We simply want what you want – the opportunity without any obligation whatsoever to discover fit, function and facts before deciding on any course of action. We value the opportunity to discuss the benefits of working with us and learn about each other – this is simply a win-win. Then each party can reflect post-meeting on what course of action (if any) is best and the benefits of establishing a working relationship. Consider joining us for a discovery meeting. We offer a great cup of coffee and an educated second opinion without any obligation.

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